Introducing - Aogi Yoshizawa

Name: Aogi Yoshizawa
Email: @liveandact

I’m a Japanese citizen, who works in Italy as jewelry modeler.
I worked also for a subcontractor of important European jewelers like
Bulgari, Boucheron, Faraone, etc., but on the other hand I’m still feeling
lack of experiences in more free and experimentative form of expression in
jewelry making. I’m very glad at having found this discussion list, and
would also be very happy if all of you will feed me with your insightful
points of view and involve me in exciting discussions on this list.

Just now I’m interested in the situation in the jewelry industry in
Brazil, the reality in working over there and so on. If there’re Brazilian
modelers out here who are disposed to tell me about their professional
experiences and the present situation of this sector in Brazil, please
e-mail me. I understand also Portuguese. Naturally, if some of you’re
interested in knowing about something I could know, you’re invited to
write me as well.

Thanks, and see you,

Aogi Yoshizawa

Name: Aogi Yoshizawa
Email: @Aogi_Yoshizawa
Address: Via IX Febbraio 14
15048 Valenza AL

Hello, everybody, I’m subscribing again. I’m a Japanese jewelry
model maker in Valenza / Italy. Worked for the subcontractor for
Bulgari, Boucheron, Faraone, etc.

A heartful greeting to all,

Aogi Yoshizawa