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Introducing - Antoinetta Philibert

Name: Antoinetta Philibert
Email: @sewwhat282
Address: 1150 Douglas Pike
Smithfield, RI 02917

My name is Toine. I have been making jewelry with polymer clay for
years. Recently I started combining wire with polymer clay. I am
fascinated by all the possibilities with wire. In the future I hope
to start soldering wire, but for now I am bending, knitting,
crocheting it into shape. Your gallery is wonderful. I hope to
learn a lot here. Thank you for giving me the opportunity.

Name: Antoinetta Philibert
Email: @aphilibe
Address: Rhode Island

I’m just changing from Orchid to Orchid digest. I do wire
jewelry and polymer clay and want to combine the two. I am
looking into buying soldering equipment and found one on the
Internet that uses water as fuel. It’s the L & R Aqua Torch. I
wonder if anyone has experience with this type of soldering
equipment. Thank you. Antoinetta