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Introducing - Alan Derr

Name: Alan Derr
Email: @aderr

I’m a novice jewelery hobbiest mainly interested in ancient Greek styles of
jewelery (loop-in-loop chains, granulation, etc.) So far I’ve only worked
in fine silver and 22k gold.

I’d really be interested in hearing of other people’s experience with
granulation and loop-in-loop chain formulas. I’m also trying to gather a
list of as many online gem suppliers as possible. If anyone has
recommendation or horror stories about particular suppliers, I’d like to
hear them.


Name: Alan Derr
Email: @aderr1
Address: Westford, MA


I’m just re-subscribing after switching over to an ISP. I’m
(still) a hobbiest interested mainly in Ancient Greek and Roman
jewellery styles, especially granulation/filigree and
loop-in-loop chain making in 22k gold and fine silver.

-Alan Derr

Name: Alan Derr
Email: @aderr2
Address: Westford, Massachusetts, USA

Let’s try this again. I tried to add myself a couple of weeks
ago, but it didn’t seem to work.

I’m an amatuer goldsmith and stone cutter. These days, I’ve been
doing much more stone cutting than jewelery work, but when I do
work on jewelery, I favor Classical styles of ancient Greece and
Rome. That includes granulation, high-karat gold, loop-in-loop
chains, and some filligree (sp?).

As for stone cutting, I’ve only done cabbing so far, but some day
I hope to move onto faceting. I’ve turned into a bit of an
opal-holic lately. Those of you who cut opal no doubt know what I