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Introducing - Al Gilbertson

Name: Al Gilbertson
Email: @al.gilbertson
Address: Box 191Albany OR 97321

Independent Jewelery Appraiser member AGS, ISA, Committee member
of the Appraisal Task Force, Jeweler’s Vigilance Committee,
1993-97 Columnist on Appraisal issues for Professional Jeweler,
1998. Fellow of the Jeweler’s Education Foundation, teaching
courses on Appraisal and Valuation of Jewelry for Insurance,
appointed to the foundation 1994. (1994-1998) Member of the
Gemological Advisory Committee to the American Gem Society
Gemological Laboratory, 1995-97 Consultant and former interim
laboratory director to Diamond Profile Inc, an independent
gemological laborato- ry that issues diamond grading reports.
Assisted in development of innovations in measuring return and
leakage of light in diamonds. Provide services for over 50
jewelers in Pacific Northwest.