Introducing - Aileen Geddes

Name: Aileen Geddes
Email: @Aileen_Geddes
Address: 16891 Blackie Rd.
Salinas Ca. 93907

retired art instructor at Fort Ord, Ca. I have been retired for 6 years and
now into jewelry, enamels, casting in silver, wire chains. I have been
doing enamel torch fired bead demostrations at Gem shows for the past 4
years. I belong to the Enamel Guild of No. Ca., Monterey Bay Metal Guild,
Santa Cruz Gem and Mineral club and am on the board of Directors for this
club. I did jewelry as a hobby for 20 years - now it is full time.

Hello, In your tourch fired enamel beads, how do you get the litttle copper
tube to be enameled to stay on the mandrel? I’d really like to know how
you do the beads. Nancy

Name: Aileen Geddes
Email: @Aileen_Geddes
Address: 16891 Blackie Rd.
Salinas, Ca 93907

I am retired graphic Illustrator and art teacher, i have been doing
jewelry, lapidary for 22 yrs as a hobby & now concentrating on jewelry full
time, I hope to be able to sell enough to exist better (not just social
security alone as an income) I have gone back to school taking specialized
classes such as chain making, metal fabrication, enamels etc. I do my own
stones, enamel demo at gem clubs up & down the state encluding Ca. State
fair in 98. I signed on to orchid 2 mo’s ago but had problems with
processor - dont know if this affected my membership with you - don’t want
to loose this contact - am deff. addicted to this site thanks Aileen the
members advice has been great

Nancy, the copper tubing needs to be the size closest to the size of the
mandrel so that it is snug but not too tight. It will stay in place when
it gets heated. Frances

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