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Intro and some new pieces

Hello everyone,
Decided to finally fully dive in and get my ganoksin membership. I’m a newer artist, though my dad was a bench jeweler when I was young before my parents separated. We’ve never had a very close relationship, but I’d like to think some of his skills are hidden somewhere in my genetics.
These are a few pieces I’ve made recently. I’m very much self-taught, so I can really see some spots in these images where my work could be better, but I’m trying to not be so hard on myself while I figure out what my artistic style is.
I’m from Montana originally (now in CA), so I love working with Montana sapphires, and try to use stones from the United States when possible. I recently visited the Kingman turquoise mine store in Arizona while on a road trip, and it felt like coming home.

While you’re here, I’d love to know how you developed your own design point of view. Did it come naturally? Was it intentional? How has it changed over time?
Thank you! Happy Holidays!


Wow your work is beautiful! I am a true beginner & hope to be able to make such lovely pieces some day💐

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