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Intro and my latest

Hi! I’ve been learning silversmithing on my own using online resources and a few books for the last almost two years. I’ve made jewelry for a long time but only moved into working with silver and soldering at that point, and I’ve been absolutely obsessed ever since. My bench is my happy place now.

Here are a couple recent projects, which I’m realizing are the type of work I’d like to focus on. I love having a cabochon and coordinating beads, and repeating elements through a design or even a set.


Great job!:+1:t3::sunglasses::heart:

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I made this piece a few days ago, as a companion to a remake I was doing of one of my early pieces that was originally done in nickel alloy. Decided if I was making one for me I might as well make another to sell, so I used this golden labradorite. I’ve also been working on getting better photos, and I’m happy with my progress. The speed at which this necklace sold tells me I just might be onto something!

Oh and here’s the one for me- decided to make the bezel closed this time to show off those gorgeous colors, whereas in the original I’d sawed a design in the back. There’s a before and after of the remake, too.

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I’m just over here having fun, playing with stones that make me happy, and making friends with the Knew Concepts saw I finally upgraded to. So far I’m loving it, and seem to be breaking fewer blades. The blade mounting/tensioning system is also a lot kinder to my arthritic hands.

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Beautiful work - my compliments.

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