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Int'l Lapidaries

Correct. David is also a long-time friend of mine, and he still
is co-director of this company along with Mr. Tanakieti. They
don’t even know I entered this into Orchid. I figure
if someone contacts them, they’ll find out.

I’ve never seen a gem, excluding Diamond, that is this well cut.
Their QC is super-strict, and they worked together for years to
create mass-produced perfection. They just haven’t gotten the
word out to enough people over the years.

Thank you, Scott.

Scott Davies
G.P.G. Company Ltd., Bangkok, Thailand
E-Mail : @Scott_Davies1
Phone : (662) 635-6323
Fax : (662) 635-6324

Hi Scott,

Chances are that you have not seen a truly well cut diamond
either. Sure there is the “ideal cut”. But that is only the ideal
set of angles for a cut that has little to offer to begin with.
The fancy cuts are usually even worse. To see a diamond that is
truly well cut, with ideal angles as well as cuts, search out
some cut using the split facet technique or fancy shape barion
cuts. For round cuts try to find a stone cut with nine main
facets rather than the usual eight. The difference is astounding
and makes the “ideal cut” diamond seem like the chop jobs you see
on many small colored stones. By the way, I actually cut colored
stones the right way. Every cut I do just blows away anything you
are likely to see in diamond. Take a look at my website.

Best Regards,
Bill Raby