Interview with Michael David Sturlin

I am VERY excited to announce my latest blog, Jewelry and Gem

This is a little different than what I have been doing…I want to
use this space to talk to people who are doing something that I want
to learn to do, people who have inspired me and my love of the
Jewelry Arts!

You can see the premiere interview…Michael David Sturlin - Crochet
Gold - at:

So - this is going to have an interview format with two static
features - Top Ten References & Workshop Info. I really feel that
once I have been introduced to an artist, I like to know the
reference material they use and where I can learn to develop new
techniques to enhance my own work.

If there are specific questions that you would like to see me add to
the questionnaire I send out please feel free to leave comments or
email me privately. Your input matters!!!

For those of you who don’t know my background I had a beaded jewelry
business 20 years ago when the “Bohemian” look was called the “Gypsy”
look! I went from there to a career in fundraising for various non-
profits, all the while still collecting, drooling and, yes, fondling
gems! I am now a Free-Lance PR and Marketing Professional which has
afforded me the freedom to return to my first love! I am currently
taking Jewelry Design and Lapidary classes at Venice Adult School (no
silly not Venice, Italy - Venice, CA) and working on my Graduate
Gemologist Certification from GIA (Gemological Institute of America).
You may know me from my “Fly on the Wall” pieces from the 2007 Tucson
Gem Show…you can view them at:

Robyn Hawk