Internet training resource

About a year ago someone on this forum mentioned an internet training
resource, “At The Bench”. I bought a year’s subscription for $185.81
US. I have watched perhaps, a hundred videos. And some multiple
times. I wish to recommend this as an excellent resource for someone
in the jewelry repair business. While this is not primarily a
diamond/stone setting program, many stone setting techniques are
demonstrated. Andrew Berry, the instructor, goes through the process
of fabricating many projects, teaching good sawing, hammering,
soldering and polishing techniques. If you have been trained by a
‘Master Jeweler’, then this is not for you. But if you are largely
self-taught, as I am, then this is well worth the money. I have no
affiliation with ‘At The Bench’. For those interested in checking
this out, go to

Dale Pavatte

I have been a subscriber for 3 years now I think I’ve found it a
great resource and I look forward to Friday night when the videos get
posted and I can see next steps too what ever Andrew is working on.

I’ve also come across another online resource that I’m really
impressed with Jewellery Training Solutions Great resource
also and I’ve seen techniques used by Peter Keep that I’ve never
seen elsewhere highly recommend that site as well.


I’m also an avid At The Bench member and have been for 3 years now. I
am self taught and have benefited immensely from Andrew Berry’s
instructions and videos. I also find him very amusing and it gives
his videos a special style (being a Brit in the U. S. makes me
appreciate his humor and expressions)!

I would recommend (and do actually) to anyone interested in having
true quality guidance. I also recently stumbled across Peter Keep.
What I have seen so far has also been good but his subscription price
seems rather a lot ($320USD for bronze & silver levels, and over $500
USD for full membership).

I found him via YouTube, stumbling across his fellow
business/training partner Soham Harrison who posts on YouTube. Whilst
most of these posts are basic, it’s also good to see how other people
work! I will always go back to my At The Bench videos though as in my
opinion, they are the best I have found! Andrew is also super
responsive and has always answered my email questions directly! I
think it’s fab!