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Internet Marketing and Ebay, guidance on direction to go

Forum members, I have a few products and a desire to try to market
these on the net, perhaps trying Ebay first. This is not a
fly-by-night idea, as I have been in the jewelry business for over
25 years. My experience is in bench work, custom design and face to
face contact with the customer.

Do any of you with such experience have words of guidance for
starting? Inventory is limited and should I actually sell,
producing inventory quickly would be difficult. We are considering
some hand fabricated, finely made items. To produce a speculative
inventory up front would also be difficult unless other selling
options also open up for us.

Does it make sense to try Ebay? What are other outlets that are not
the “auction format” of selling? Would it make sense to offer a
product with limited backup inventory and offer this to the customer
as “custom made”, which the items will be. Custom made to order give
room for more time in production.

Again, I am used to face to face transactions, not internet selling.
I want to attempt such selling but have need of direction. Any
comments from those who have done internet business will be greatly

T. Haynes, professional jeweler.

Pick a piece and try it. Don’t add allot of features such as
"Featured Auction". The cost run a few test is negligible maybe as
much as .55 cents.

A good place to start:

Good fortune,