Internet credit sales

There has been a lot of lately about selling on the
Internet and taking credit cards at shows. My question is how you
folks have found to be the best way to handle sales strictly from a
web site. Do you use one company (like VeriSign) for the secure
gateway and another for the card processing or? Thanks,


Hi Jack,

Yes you’re on the right track … you need to have a merchant account
with a bank that services on line businesses, I use Nova, you’ll be
integrating this bank with your regular brick and mortar bank You do
need to have the security certificate, such as Verisign, or Thawte
(they are the same Co.), and then you need a shopping cart program.
To make all of this easier to deal with get a very good web site
host, this is the most important part, all of this stuff will be
residing on your hosts computers, so you need to be able to work
with these folks, they will guide you through the security
certificate process. From experience I can tell you who not to deal
with and who I have had good service from. DO NOT deal with
INTERLAND web hosting! A Web host provider I can recommend is
Hughes Electronic Commerce, they have very good prices and they are a
smaller organization that is easy to work with via the phone to get
it all set up. Once you’re all set up it is easy to accept credit
cards on your site, and you can use the same system with a bit of
modification at shows. Good luck!

Diane Petersen

I use a Nova account with gateway.

When I did the research this was the best setup and the most
economical for web based processing. It allows for direct sales
on-line and for processing of off-line sales through their Virtual

Contact me offline for more details.

Elizabeth Paulsen