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International Titanium Association

Hi, Here is a link to the latest edition of the ITA’s Consumer
Products online magazine. You may find some friends in it. If you
look through it you will see that I am currently in a position of
some influence with the publication and that I am pushing for more
recognition of the reactive metals in the arts. I am always looking
for new and interesting work. This is a world wide organization and
publication. [PDF file]

Enjoy and Happy Holidays! Bill
William Seeley
Founder Reactive Metals Studio

Hello Bill,
I just came across your post regarding ITA. Although a bit late, it’s nice to see you tirelessly spreading the word about reactive metals. In the meantime there were some rumors that there will be a shortage of titanium investment powder ahead. The good news is that we can supply investment for lost wax casting of jewelry and other small tech stuff in Ti. All the best on your new path.

Hello Sandor,

Who is selling your Titanium investment in the United States, I would
like to purchase some.



Hi Jim,

if regular plaster is like breakfast, lunch and dinner for common jewelry supply, Titanium investment is like birth, marriage and death. We serve from Germany to customers around the globe until further notice.