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International Gem Society has taken over Ganoksin


Seth Rosen, from the International Gem Society ( has
taken over Ganoksin and it’s operations.


It is with great excitement that I announce a new chapter in the
future of The Ganoksin Project.

Seth Rosen, from the International Gem Society ( has
taken over Ganoksin and it’s operations. Seth brings a rare
combination - a true passion for the jewelry arts, and online
technical expertise and he is deeply committed to preserving the
Ganoksin spirit, and assuring that the archived knowledge and orchid
community will remain available for the next generation of jewelers
and metalsmiths.

In the 20 years I have operated Ganoksin and Orchid, Ganoksin has
grown to serve over a million people every year, and we host over
250,000 articles. We have reached a point that it takes a dedicated
team of professional to assure Ganoksin remains the largest resources
and community of bench jewelers and jewelry manufacturers in the

Seth and the new team of engineers are already in the work to build
a new platform for the Ganoksin website and the Orchid community.

I will be sticking around for quite a while to help Seth and the
team make this transition and we will be counting on you, our loyal
community members, to provide us feedback on what works and what

Charles Lewton-Brain said: We are very excited to work together
with IGS and Seth Rosen on the Ganoksin project. His commitment to
maintain and grow the site is wonderul

Seth Rosen said: I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity to
take over the day-to-day of Ganoksin from Hanuman. The Orchid
community and the Ganoksin archives are a very special thing, and I
look forward to working with all of you to continually improve this
amazing resource.

So - this is most certainly not a goodbye, but rather a toast to an
even brighter future.

For additional contact
Seth Rosen
The Ganoksin Project / International Gem Society (

Founder, The Ganoksin Project

Well congratulations. I will be looking forward to the continued
success of Orchid.

Thank you and take care, Paul Le May

I’d like to take a moment to thank Hanuman for his dedicated work
for Ganoksin, without his sterling work it is clear the Ganoksin
project would not be the wonderful resource it has grown to be. I so
look forward to my daily indulgence of the newsletter and value
greatly all of the wonderful resources the Ganoksin project

I’m sure we all extend a warm welcome to Seth Rogen and wish him
well with his stewardship of this precious cargo. he has a hard act
to follow.

As a beginner in metalsmithing (at the young age of 59) I cannot
express how much I appreciate all of the generous contributor’s
input into this community, long may it prosper.

Kind regards
Dave Dillon

Dear Hanuman,

My gratitude to you, Seth and IGS for securing this vast wealth of
knowledgefor generations to come.

Kind regards,

Hello Orchidland,

On one hand I am devastated that our Hanuman (and Ton) will be
letting go of the Ganoksin helm. On the other hand, I am delighted to
learn that Ganoksin will carry on with a new captain. Seth Rogen has
some big shoes to fill though.

Thank you Hanuman and Ton for your dedication to the daily
maintenance of the genius of Ganoksin. Thanks also to Charles
Lewton-Brain, who was instrumental in the birth of Ganoksin and
Orchid. There is no way to adequately express my gratitude to these
pioneers in distance education for jewelers. For those like me, who
operate in the middle of nowhere, Orchid is an important resource.

One of the great things about Orchid is getting to “know” some of
the bestin the business who so generously share their knowledge. I
appreciate the patience and encouragement you all give beginners -
as well as those with experience who are attacking a new technique.
If the world was as border-less and giving as the Orchid community,
it would be a much better place.

Now you all can ruminate on that if you like. Me, I’m going to my
50th high school reunion, Judy in Kansas, who has already put up
three batches of strawberry jam and is enjoying a nice rainfall on
the gardens.

Seth Rosen now has b-I-g shoe’s to fill! Our Hanuman has spent 20
years at the helm of this great enterprise! From a gem-setter &
teacher who now knows Seth, he will make our “Orchid” even
greater…:wink: But still under the watchful eye of Hanuman, for many,
many months to come. Gerry!

I guess I’m joining the choir here, but it’s good company. A sincere
thank you for all the years of hard work. You did a good and
necessary thing, and I thank you for it.

Now plan where you guys are going to go for a week without touching
a computer, or reading a single email. Once you can get away, you
should. Enjoy it. You earned it.

Then stay in touch, eh?

For the rest of us: onwards and upwards.

Brian Meek
AKA Alberic

So to add my voice to the ever-increasing choir - This resource has
blown my mind during the last ten years I have been aware of it. The
vision and hard work required to set up Ganoksin and Orchid were
exceptional, and to continue it for so long at such a remarkable
level of excellence is nothing short of phenomenal. I have learned so
much, thanks to Hanuman, Ton and Charles Lewton-Brain and all the
wonderful contributors - even from a certain opinionated Russian,
whom I actually rather miss! (Nothing like a bit of controversy at
times to add spice to life!)

So I add my thanks and admiration to those who have already voiced
theirs, and welcome Seth to our great community.


I got the email on Sunday and have been thinking about it ever

I can’t thank you enough, Hanuman and Ton, for putting Ganoksin
together so many years ago. I’m a long-time member and have used the
resources of Ganoksin many times. Each researched topic led to other
topics that led to more and more. It’s been a whirlpool that I’ve
gladly allowed to suck me down for hours at a time. When I’ve needed
help and have called out for opinions and recommendations, the
membership of this forum has always been there for me. Through the
varied posts and listings I’ve made friends and have been privileged
to look at amazing work that has spurred me on my own journey.

As you take a well-deserved rest, please know that you have my
deepest gratitude for the small spark that led to the creation of
Ganoksin. It is unique in the offerings on the internet, and it’s
still my go-to preference, an email that I always check daily, and a
website that I recommend to every student I’ve taught. Bravo for a
job well done. Seth will have his job cut out for him, your shoes
will be hard to fill.

Sandra Graves
St Paul, MN USA

Thank you Hanuman and Ton, for the many years of you
have provided to those of us who have been with you almost from the
beginning! After 30 years at the bench I still have much to learn,
and I can always count on the members to provide answers when the
archives don’t have what I need.

You have provided an invaluable service to our industry and I thank
you most sincerely!

I know you have passed the torch to most capable hands and I will
continue to remain a member looking forward to the future with

Best regards,
Susan Ronan
Coronado, CA

It is fabulous to hear how Ganoksin and Orchid have helped so many
of you bemore successful. I have every confidence that with your
support and a moremodern group of online collaboration tools that we
can make it even more useful for you in the coming years.

The community support for me and my team has been amazing - we
really appreciate it.


Hi Seth

Now you can see how strong we all are! As compared with Polygon,
there are no individuals putting anyone down or even bad-mouthing.
I’m getting a tad irritated with a few of them. Over here, we are
all one big happy family. Looking forward very much to our "temp.
movie-studio…;)… Gerry!


I wish all the best and know you will do a great job. and take us to
greater levels…

Andy “The Tool Guy” Kroungold
Director Tool Sales & Stuller Bench
Stuller Inc.
P 1-800-877-7777 ext 4191 or 4194

Thank you Hanuman and Ton for your genius in the envisioning,
development and nurtring of our beloved daily luxury, Ganoksin. This
has been my daily anchor to a world wide community of creativity. I
understand the decision to hand off, and appreciate the next chapter
of this (hopefully) never-ending story.

Lois Chichinoff Thadei
Ketchikan, Alaska USA

Orchid and Ganoksin have been like family to me for the many years
since Charles told me about "this new online jewelers resource"
shortly after its launch. I think there were about 400 members then.

I’ve gained so much knowledge and so many friends through the years.

The passionate devotion of Hanuman, Ton and Charles to the website
and “our” family over the years is greatly appreciated. Hopefully we
will continue to see their presence here.

This change is bittersweet - wishing the best to each of you in the
new chapters of your life while welcoming Seth and his commitment to
honor the spirit of Ganoksin while bringing us forward.

Greetings and welcome to you Seth!

Pam Chott

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