International artist US visa

I am accepted the resident artist program in Chicago for 2years and
I have a problem. My visa is not allowed to earn any money in the US.
My husband woks in the US and I really want to work my own during he
is working. I got the MFA degree for jewelry making in USA in 2004
and also I have some experience of exhibitions. I haven’t work for a
while and I am getting depressed.

I heard there is O1 visa for the extraordinary talented people. I am
not sure I can apply it. Do you have any experience that you get the
O1 visa or there is a way for an international artist who wants work
in the US? Do you know someone who got the O1 visa and can tell me
the experience? I am so desperate with this. because I should answer
I can work in the program or cannot soon. I really don;t want to miss
this great opportunity.

please help.

Thank you.

The first is a link to Wikipedia regarding 0-1 Visa for those
Orchidians who may be looking at this post as if it might be

The O-1 classification is a type of employment visa under United
States immigration law that applies to aliens who have
extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business,
or athletics which has been demonstrated by sustained national or
international acclaim and who are coming temporarily to the U.S.
to continue work in the area of extraordinary ability. 

Shin, The link below is to a site where it appears that you can apply
for the 0-1 Visa online.

I hope that this helps

My visa is not allowed to earn any money in the US. [snip] I
haven't work for a while and I am getting depressed. 

Let me say how much I sympathise with your situation. It seems very

The only other thing I can offer is that, when my friend/student from
Argentina was in a similar situation, the only way she stood any
chance of getting the visa she needed to work was if her husband’s
company requested it for her. They kept saying they would, but did
nothing, so she eventually insisted that her husband get brought back
to Argentina to work. Bad for his career, but she was going crazy.
(Now she has a thriving career there as an art jeweler-- started in
my class!)

The best of luck to you!

Hello Shin,

I am currently living a similar problem. I am a US Citizen living in
Japan through my husband’s job. I feel the same depression and pain
at not being able to be a full working member of society. I have been
here 4 years and I can find no one that has any idea of how to handle
my situation. My only solution so far has been to take some local
design classes and continue designing as a hobby to keep from going
crazy. Selling only to a small group of friends and family to help
offset the cost of my hobby.

I’m sorry I don’t have any answers for you regarding the visa you
asked about but you are not alone. I say go for it. The worst that
will happen is they will say no. Keep looking for solutions and one
will come your way eventually. I did finally decide to push my
paperwork through and hope for the best. I know I will have an answer
someday also.

All the best, Gaia