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Interlocking rings

I had a request for a wedding set of interlocking or puzzle
rings. Does anyone know how suitable these are for daily wear or
the best way to make them?

Thank you in advance,


I have seen quite a few puzzle rings, and worn a couple. They
stand up pretty well, but it’s very frustrating if you forget how
to put them back together. (A guy at work assumed I was an expert
and handed me one last year - I kept it for four days, woke up in
the middle of the night remembering how to do the puzzle, and
gave it back reassembled. I suggested soldering it. :wink:

My knots look a little bit like puzzle rings, and they hold up
very well, even though the wire is usually of a smaller gage than
what you’ll find in most puzzles. Go for it.


hi pauline,

a co. called jose grant makes a zillion variations of them in
many types of metal. i promised a few people to post jg phone a
long time ago. i found the catalog, cleaning up after the
holidays. i’ll post tommorrow. they’re in jck directory as well.
they make quality stuff and are not too thin. stuller carries one
style as well.

one would have to study one to make one. i color coded the
elements of an existing puzzle ring and drew it out on paper. not
too difficult.

they wear ok, provided the shank is not too thin. best regards,

geo fox

Hi Pauline,

I have an eight band puzzle ring I picked up in Saudi Arabia -
they are quite popular there. The only tricky part is getting it
back together - so as long as they stay on your finger they are
okay. The eight band is a bit heavy (over 1/2 ounce) but a 4 band
one would probably light enough for a more delicate ring. Mine is
in 18K so it is a bit soft for daily wear but a lower alloy
should be okay.

From what I can tell it was made from a wax model woven
together. It is soldered at the back so I think each band was
cast then looped together before soldering. If it would be of
help I can send an image of it.


Cameron Speedie
Island Gem and Rock

Hi, Pauline. I have a customer who uses the triple ring set as
a guard ring. It appears to wear well and looks good. I had a
problem sizing it. I got a variety of advice from members of
orchid on that subject. Maybe you can look it up in the
archives. I’ll be interested to hear how you do. Visit me or
"beam me up" at:

I grew up in the town Jose Grant is located in and can attest to
the fact that their rings are certainly the best made puzzle
rings anywhere. Unfortunately some of their other traits are not
so great. Jose Grant’s son, who inherited the business a few
years ago, was arrested at one time for buying and selling stolen
jewelry. For what it’s worth.

son, who inherited the business a few
years ago, was arrested at one time for buying and selling stolen
jewelry. For what it’s worth.

Yeah. For what it is worth, I have found myself having done
business with a character or two. It’s easy to do. Even when one
is trying to act responsibly. Now that you have maligned this
guys character, tell us. Was he convicted? How much time did he

Bruce D. Holmgrain
Maryland’s first JA Certified Senior Bench Jeweler


He was convicted. Don’t know if he did time or not. His
father, who developed the business, used to skirt the line a bit
too. I grew up in the town they are in and was in the business
too so I know a fair amount about them. Actually when they
finally opened a store it was right across the street from the
guy I apprenticed under. The guy who taught me said it was the
best thing that ever happened to him because they would screw up
everyone’s jobs and then go across the street to my guy and pay
him oodles to fix it all. But their line of puzzle rings was and
I am sure still is the BEST there is available.