Interesting trouble with a spin casting machine


I had trouble today with our Kerr 4X6 centrifugal casting machine.
After about 20 flasks it wouldn’t wind up anymore. I removed the top
to check to see if the spring snapped but it was fine. It all seemed
intact. I made sure the small ball bearing was in place and replaced
the top. It worked one more time then would not wind a second time.
This time being a little frustrated and thinking the ball bearing was
stuck I took a leather mallet and mildly rapped on the top cover in a
few places. It worked again for a few times then stopped. Now it
seemed to start working again after each time I rapped on the top
cover. So could it be the centrifugal mechanism was overheating and
the bearing getting stuck, I am going to try ands use Krytox grease,
a high temp lubricant, and hopefully it will fix the intermittent

My question is has anyone else had this experience and if so how did
you fix it?

James McMurray

Perhaps I’m missing something, but wouldn’t it make more sense to
call Kerr. There have been a number of similar instances of
questions directed to this forum. Wouldn’t the manufacture or vendor
be more appropriate?

James, Nope…been using the same type for about 12 years now with
no problem. My problem is the trigger sometimes won’t release. Its
hell when you snap it and it doesn’t spin but just goes bang. Have
always been able to manually release it and still got good casts
though. I find the slide is subject to dusk and metal particles and
I have to keep it blown out.

Cheers from Don at The Charles Belle Studio in SOFL where simple
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