Interesting & beautifully created names for jewellers

I came in a little late on this discussion of business names and
missed the first post - but anyway, here goes.

For my business I use Little Cottage Studio with a slogan below that
in my show signs and on business cards, tags, and letterhead : one
woman … in her laundry room … hammering and soldering. …
while her children sleep

I’ve noticed that people passing by at street art shows will slow
down to read that part of the sign and sometimes come into my booth
because of that. Each part is true – I wanted to communicate a
little bit about myself to distinguish my work from someone else’s
beside me in a gallery or whatever. About the laundry room – we
live in a little old house with a car port that has been enclosed.
That’s where my studio is, and that’s also where the washer and
dryer and freezer and kids’ bikes and stuff like that are, too. So
while it is a laundry room, I guess it’s a little larger than the
average laundry room. About the children sleeping – I have four
little ones, and I mostly work at night after they go to bed.
Fortunately there is an exterior wall between the studio and them so
the hammering doesn’t really bother them. >From a marketing
standpoint, I’ve been using the slogan along with the business name
for several years now, and I’d say it’s been a smart thing - people
really love it, always comment on it, and I think people like to
feel like they know the artist a little. It’s certainly a
conversation starter. thanks for reading ginger

ginger meek allen
Little Cottage Studio
one woman…in her laundry room…hammering and soldering…while her
children sleep
Wake Forest, NC, USA

Hi Everyone, There’s not a show -retail or wholesale- that I dont get
the usual question “Whats the T stand for?” Somehow people are
driven crazy by extra letters that are unknown to them and feel
compelled to demand to know what I’m hiding. I never tell what the
T word is but I always give them the ‘story’ which seems to satisfy
most. When I was 5, I met another child who shared my birth
name…but it was a BOY and from that moment I thought my Mom had
chose a boys name for me. In high school, I started making art and
signing it T Lee,(first initial, middle name.) By college all my
friends called me T and this year I legally changed it so now even
my drivers license only says T.

If you still have the absolute need to know-when my Dad is in my
booth you’ll hear it…I’ll always be “T*****” to him.

tlee PS-my son is Wilder and we call him “Y”
and his Dad calls him “Why not”