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Interesting & beautifully created names for jewellers

“Gold and Stone”

Because that’s what I work in. When it comes down to basics that’s
the material I work in.

Tony Konrath


A non existant word. I made that name up 13 years ago, because then,
much of my work looked like things from the Byzantine.uh.Byzantium to
be exact…especially a 30 stone bezeled cuff bracelet, ai yi yi…The
name had a lovely flow, so I’ve kept it. However. I don’t think
anyone from Constantinople ever made single object disassembling
pin/pendant/perfume/slide/earring pieces as I do
then.I’ve always gone in for excess. :slight_smile: .

LBJ (yup.those are my actual initials.nope.I don’t look like
him.most of the time)

The name of my studio is…THEBRAI N CENTER. which I am taking for
my company name. The building has 2 storefronts and the one I rented
was originally called THEBRAIDINGCENTER. It was a small beauty shop
were they did extension braids. My work sink is the shampoo sink.
People kept knocking on my door to make appointments. For awhile I
thought I was in the wrong business. The letters in the sign are over
a foot high and go across the front of the storefront, so I removed 3
letters to get THEBRAI N CENTER. I then rented the other storefront
for my computers and office. So now on the windows for the jewelry
studio I wrote ‘LEFT’ and for the computers I wrote ‘RIGHT’.