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Interesting and beautifully created names for jewelers and jewelry

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Hello all,

I have noticed over the past few years the wonderful variety of
names of the companies and businesses which you all have thought up
and have been using to show your work to the outside world (read:
public) (and on your web sites.)

It would be very interesting to me, and hopefully to others to hear
how and better yet why you chose this particular name.

Is anyone interested in sharing this with the rest of

I can start with the one I use: ROSARIO Designs

I have used this because when I was a child my family lived in Cuba
and our Cuban friends told us my name, Sharron, was Rosario in
Spanish. ( I am not sure this is true but we believed it at the
time! Actually I think my mother might have told them the name was
from the Rose of Sharon, a Scottish wild rose, the land of her
Fathers birth)) So of course for me this had powerful, exotic and
happy memories. And for the last 10 years I have used this name on
my business cards.

Anyone else care to share?

Sharron in Bahrain starting to think about packing for shipment to
Malaysia, again!