Hi guys, I have a customer who wants a not very complex bit of
intarsia done for a pair of pendants, that he has designed…A
five pointed star, with a cross centered in it. Its not great
work, but its really important to him. I explained to him, that
this is not work that I normally do, and would feel muuuuch more
comfortable with someone else doing the lapidary work…like
someone who actually does lapidary work, ( just a thought). He
really wants me to do the setting of all of the stones because he
knows me and my work. In fact, he insists on that point even
though I’ve tried desperately to steer him in another direction.
So…my question is this; would any of you ever so talented
people out there who do intarsia, be willing to assist me with
this customer’s project? Ie: cut the pieces for me…fully paid
in advance of course, so that I can set them into his design?
Write me on or off line with any suggestions that you might have
regarding this. I can fax, or e-mail you the specs. I would be
humbly grateful.

Lisa, (painted the kitchen, thought that it would take me a day or two…still
doing it two weeks later. Stop laughing!) Topanga, CA USA