Insuring high end jewelry

Any good recommendations for insuring high end jewelry while it is
being offered for sale in a jewelry store or gallery?

Thank you
Donna Lewis

Hi Donna,

I’ve gone with jewelers mutual. They have a number of different
packages and will customize. I had to tighten up my act more than I
already was in order to have studio covered, but so far I like
working with them.

Regards, Marianne

The displaying venue should be the primary insurer of any consigned
jewelry while it is in their possession.

Supplemental insurance is available to the artist through a
craftsman insurance policy or a business insurance policy.

Jewelers Mutual offers this coverage, as do others. Many home owners
insurance companies are becoming much more accommodating and
competitive to the small business owner due the volume of home based
business and residential art studios. Cost for the coverage is based
on the value of the jewelry as well as the situation of the venue
where it is displayed; safe, alarm, security practices, previous
claims or losses, etc.

In the event of a loss the artist’s insurance will generally only
pay as a last resort, they will be expecting the displaying venue to
be the first

responsible party. Any venue that does not provide insurance for all
consigned work would be a very questionable situation to place your
valuable jewelry in.

Michael David Sturlin

Thank you Marianne and Michael. I appreciate your input. It is for a
friend and I told her that is what I thought, but figured Id ask the

Donna Lewis