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Hello all, I would like to know if anyone knows of a group I can
join that offers group health and dental insurance? I have, in
the past, been a member of SNAG, the ACC,WG of G as well as
others, but no one seems to offer this
any longer. I would appreciate any info. Thanks in advance.

Tom Arnold


Tom, I recently got insurance on my own through an independent
insurance broker. It is Blue Cross/Blue Shield and the cost is
reasonable. A friend of mine just got his through the Chicago Artist Coalition - Deb


Mr. Arnold, I have found that the best source for health
insurance is my local Chamber of Commerce. By far the best
rates, plus a local agent who really cares about your service.
Prior to this, I used our State Jewelers Association (Michigan
in my case), but was never really happy with the cost to benefit
ratio. Good luck, JMF


Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America has a group that
offers health and workers comp insurance, though i have never
used it. I would also check out your local Chamber of Commerce.
They often offer health ins. at reduced rates for thier members
or at least know where in your area you may be able to get
insurance for small businesses/groups. I know ACC had info in
thier latest membership about health insurance through Phoenix
but I called them and they didn’t have the courtesy to return my
call Nand I found another company.

It is a shame though everything I checked out is going up this
year at a phenominal rate. Hope this helps…good luck

Larry Seiger



I work for Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America (MJSA)
and we just launched a health insurance program for our members
through AETNA as a partner to our jewelers block/unattended auto
insurance benefit. It’s a relatively new benefit.

If you call our membership department at 800-444-6572, they will
give you the details regarding this program.

Take care,
John D. Harvey
MJSA Communications Manager

Hello all, I would like to know if anyone knows of a group I can
join that offers group health and dental insurance?

As others have by now informed you, you can usually get a good
Blue-Cross/Blue Shield policy through your local chamber of
commerce. In our area, those policies are usually underwritten
by Farm Bureau Insurance.

Good Luck,
David L. Huffman


Sorry my friend. The aarp is very much in the health insurance
business. At about the time you mentioned they changed their
insurance crrier but never discontinued their insurance. My wife
and I are both covered by them and in fact received a claim payment yesterday. Sol