Insurance- pollution and liability related

Hello: I am a silver plater in Phila. Pa.

My insurance company (CNA) has notified me that they no longer cover
pollution and liability related insurance.

Can anyone recommend a carrier that handles this type of insurance.

Thank you,
Trio Silversmiths
729 Sansom St.
Phila. Pa. 19106

Ray: Hello. I currently work in the insurance business. What type
of policy was it? Was it for liability insurance? If so pollution
is not covered for any general liability policy. If you’d
like…here is my email address @Lisa_Darnell. I
will need a little more time to search for you. I got excited
because there was actually a question that I could answer. My most
immediate suggestion is to try Jewelers Mutual.

Please email me and I will ask a couple of more questions. I have
been in the insurance business for over 10 years.

Thank you!