Insurance for jewelry makes without store front

I have been looking for product liability insurance for my small
jewelry business. My sales are done thru the internet so there is no
store front. No customers are coming to my studio. I would also love
to have some insurance to cover the relatively small amount of raw
materials I have at hand. The amount of finished work inventory is
also really small. So far I could only get a quote for $600 from
Jewelers Mutual which included coverage that I do not need. I would
love to find an insurance company that offers a more
suitable/affordable coverage. Most of my work is in silver with only
small amounts of gold and stones.

I have no idea what the probablitlity is to ever need liability
insurance for what I do (mostly custom rings). Is it a good idea to
get it? Are there cases where jewelrs got sued because people got
harmed by a piece of jewelry?

If you can recommend an insurance company for a small business like
mine, please let me know.

If you can recommend an insurance company for a small business
like mine, please let me know. 

Jewelers Mutual offers “craftsman” policies geared specifically to
jewelry artists and similar business types. They’re the only one I’ve
heard of who offer similar coverage which is geared to jewelers, but
to craftspeople rather than larger retail stores or manufacturers.
I’ve been meaning to call them myself…


Jewelers Mutual does a great job of handling small jewelers and
people who work from home.

They are the #1 insurance company for our industry.

David Geller

Has Jewelers Mutual changed their ways? They were recommended to me
in 2008 when I needed insurance for a show - and when I called was
told that no, they did not have insurance for a small at home
business with occasional shows at craft fairs, etc. The attitude I
received was distinctly snobbish.

Fortunately (through an Orchid recommendation) I found what I
needed, at a good price, at RLI ( )
and I am still with them.

Mary Partlan
White Branch Designs

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Thanks for all the replies I received online and offline. Even
though it is still shown on their web site, according to the
insurance agent Jewelers Mutual does no longer offer it, so there is
no affordable insurance for businesses without a store front. Too
bad. I thought there would be a market for it.

I was just able to get my insurance through State Farm and I operate
a lot like you do. It was affordable enough for my budget and you
can adjust your coverage level. The best thing about it is that it
also covers loss of my business through any type of disaster, natural
or otherwise, and is very customizable for any home business. They
were made fully aware of every piece of equipment I have and had no
difficulties with my torches and kilns

The very best part, they also cover our home for water damage, and
after two floods from sewer back-up in the studio, they give me
BETTER coverage on the structure than the home-owners insurance and I
no longer get up & down all night long during a hard rain to check to
make sure the sewer is not backing up into my house. Between a new
sump pump and the insurance I can finally sleep on rainy nights

You may want to call them and get a quote. Good luck with your
insurance search.


Warning for folks with State Farm! They are GREAT - until you have a
claim!!! My agent wanted me - and I’m not joking - to sign a
pledge that I would guarantee that lighting would not hit my pump
again!!! I told him if I had that sort of connection I wouldn’t
NEED insurance! Then my in-laws got hit by lighting, and dealing with
State Farm was worse than the damage from the lighting! They were

I’m insured with Auto-Owners as a rider to my homeowners (studio in
my basement), and we have had multiple major claims with Auto-Owners
and they have been WONDERFUL to deal with!

Your mileage may, of course, vary!

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio