Insurance for Artists

I am in the process of shopping for home based business insurance
that will also cover me and my stuff when I am traveling to shows. I
have talked to Theresa at RLI Insurance company for a quote and was
wondering if anyone has had experience with this company or could
reccomend a company that they have had good experience with.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks …
Athena & Petra Designs
Rochester, NY


I hope this reachs you. I am currently working in the insurance
industry. RLI Insurance Company is a good company. You may want to
talk to an insurance broker in your area. An insurance broker will
work on your behalf. They can help you explore options. I suggest
an independent insurance agent. They will have access to multiple
insurance company and can shop around for you. You will probably
want to obain a BOP (Business Owners Policy). This will encompass
property, liability, and some inland marine (aka transit). Also
check out Jewelrs Mutual. This is insurance carrier is specially for
our industry. I do not have their website but you should be able to
find them online.

If you wish to contact me outside of Orchid, my email address is:

Good luck,


Mike Bergstein of Insurance Resource has a GREAT program for jewelry
artisans who work from home and travel to shows. He created the
program when his daughter became a jewelry artist!

Many of my clients use Mike since he really understands their
business. His website is

Let him know Cindy Edelstein sent you – he’s very good with my
clients. Good luck,

Cindy Edelstein
Jeweler’s Resource
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