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Insurance Companies

Hi, I don’t think you all have ever heard this one 2 years ago in
March after returning back to the shop on Monday Morning at 8:30 I
started upacking from a show with a Friend of mine and about 10:30
I had just sat down in the backroom to type a letter and with 2
minutes she called me “Hurry come up front” I jumped up and ran up
front standing by the safe and watched 50 x 20 feet of ceiling fall
on everything in the shop, my friend was hit by a ight I was
standing under a strip of sheet rock that was undamaged, the good
lord was watching out for me. The ceiling had been leaking all
winter , we had letters to prove it and a Claim that was paid when
it leaked into the display window and the building department said
the ceiling 2 rooms in back of the showroom was installed
improperly. We were new in business and have since paid everyone
for their damaged items but has nearly ruined us financially and
NOBODYS insurance company wants to pay, we even have a video of the
whole mess. Yes we have a lawyer and now that the statue of
limitations is coming up, the insurance company is ready to listen,
so they don’t have to go to court. Sounds incredible but true! Have
a good Day! Sincerely Chris