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Insurance Companies and ceilings --[YAK]

I would have to add that I had a large chunk of ceiling fall in my
house several years ago and have never been complacent about
ceilings since. Problem we had was a CeilHeat ceiling which was
installed with 3/8 wallboard above and troweled plaster below.
Because the ceiling joists weren’t level the lower layer, which was
full of heavy sand, was troweled on thick to level the ceiling.
Years later more insulation was added, and when the dew got heavy
in the insulation …fortunately no one was underneath …
broke an antique chair.

There are lots of ways for ceilings to get unstable. Another
thing to think about, especailly if you have lots of glass cases


Hi Roy: In my case the Landlord had contractors working on the Roof
all Winters and we had leaks w/buckets on the Jewelry counters and
I have at least 2 letters where we wrote to complain to the
landlord, but there was no way of knowing the the whole ceiling was
going to give way, it is not a normal occurence and we had
expressed our concern also by phone, our Lawyer tells us this is
standard practice because the insurance companies would rather wait
as long as they can, which makes sense to me, but also infuriates
me as they have cause my partner and I a lot of personal pain and

This to shall pass! Have a Nice Day!