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Instructional Book/Video on Granulation

Does anyone know of any instructional books and/or videos
available specifically on granulation? I’m still just starting
out and mostly self- taught through books and a great deal of
trial and error. The books that I have used, including
specifically Tim McCreight’s The Complete Metalsmith, which has
been invaluable, generally only have small sections on
granulation which cover only the most basic concepts. I’m
looking for something that will cover it in depth…

Thanks for any help.


(p.s. - Thanks to those who have pointed me in the right
direction for finding an instructor in the Chicago area. I’ll be
talking to Boris at Greenbriar to begin instruction there. I’ve
heard nothing but praise regarding his work…)

just checked myself to see if the articlcle is stil there . it
is. go to hands . then to search, then hit granulation. follow
her instr. step by step. good luck

mark, there is not much out there on granulation instruction per
se. the book by oppi untracht jewelry concepts and technology has
a small section. i studied with cecilia bauer in ny and if you go
to the hoover and strong website i think they have her
instructions which is a good start. don’t know if her article is
still there. let me know how you make out. sb

  mark, there is not much out there on granulation instruction
per se. the book by oppi untracht jewelry concepts and
technology has 

You may also be able to find a copy of harvey Littledales
original patent application from the 30s, on his method of
granulation. Not sure where, but I think it’s been published.
I’ve got a copy somewhere and if people want, can dig up more
particulars on where and when it was filed…

And there exists, though I don’t have a copy, a detailed 1961
technical paper by William Haendel on the process he called
eutectic soldering, which is the same thing as is used in

A several page description including her own techniques and
experiences in granulation written by the renowned german
goldsmith, Elizabeth Treskow, can be found in Wilhelm
Braun-Feldweg’s "Metal design & technique) (1975)

John Cogswell wrote a detailed chapter on granulating with
silver in Tim McCreights Metals Technic book. The info there
applies pretty well to granulation in general.

And Phillip Mortons “Contemporary Jewelry” also has about 4
detailed pages of fine 'bout as much as you’d need,
I’d guess…

There’s more out there as well, but frankly, the best way to
learn to do this is simply to try it, for heavens sake. It’s not
really all that complex to understand, but you have to train your
hands and eyes to know how hot to get the piece and all that
stuff. You won’t learn that well by reading it, but rather by
doing it and seeing what works for you.

Hope this helps.

Peter Rowe

mark–check out the upcoming Sept Issue of Lapidary
Journal–the first part of a workshop on Fine Silver Granulation,
second part due in October.