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Instore show in Chicago feedback

Dear All,

Did anyone attend the Instore Show in Chicago that wrapped up last
week I think? I’d be interested to hear from those attending as
buyers or vendors- how was business, how did the show feel? We
debated on whether or not to attend this year as a vendor, and
ultimately decided not to. I’m really hoping it was a great show,
that we should have gone, and that you’ll all have such good things
to say about the show that we will definitely want to do it next

Looking for positive signs…

david lee jeweler

Sure Brenda,

The INSTORE Chicago show April 19-21 had a great deal of optimism and
energy. The exhibitors that I spoke with offered positive feedback
and seemed to enjoy the newness of the location (the Navy Pier) and
theme. Even with the overall assumption that retailers were still
overstocked from the down economy, exhibitors were writing orders and
making sales. Many retailers said they were buying in small quantity,
meeting new suppliers and manufacturers and adding at least a little
new stock to their inventory.

I had tried not to expect too much going in and was pleasantly
surprised. The show was very well attended and had a “buzz” most of
the first day. The ribbon cutting, the red-and-white "Smart Show"
theme and the band striking up at 10 a.m. on the nose on the first
day were nice touches that pumped up the feeling of excitement for a
new show.

The opening-day party was cool, too, and no expense was spared.

Chicago was lovely, except for the rainy weather. I was impressed
with the city as a great destination for a trade show and the Midwest
as a new region from which to draw buyers.

Numerous seminars, consultations and bench competitions on the show
floor showcased everything from marketing and memo
transactions to economic advice and CAD/CAM skill. The attending
buyers seemed very interested in the offered.

Overall, INSTORE had the energy and appeal a totally new show should
have. I look forward to next year.

Hope this helped!
Corrie Silvia
Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America