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Inspiration for creative connections


Hello all,

I am struggling to find creative ways to make connections. I work in
sterling, gold-fill, and copper making mostly earrings and pendants.
I am particularly interested in forming and moving metal to create
shapes, and as I work, I get all of these ideas for cool parts and
pieces of earrings and= pendants. I don’t have a problem creating the
parts and pieces but when I sit there and look at them I seem to get
this blank feeling about how to connect them, other than with jump
rings. Are there any good books focusing on connections anyone can
recommend so that when I’m sitting there and need ideas I can get

Tracy Arrington



Interweave has some great books on cold connects. Found this eBook

They also have some DVDs and a quite expensive book called “Making
Connections: A Handbook of Cold Joins for Jewelers and Mixed-Media
Artists” by Susan Lenart Kazmer.

Seems to be a quite comprehensive compilation of various ideas using
cold joins.

And I just bought “Making Metal Jewelry” by Joanna Gollberg from which also seems to be mostly cold connects. Has some
wonderful inspiration in it using jump rings and various types of

MikiCat Designs