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Insight into brush plating systems

Hello! Just wondered if someone would be able to offer a little
insight into brush plating systems- I have a partially oxidised
silver piece that I want to brush with gold in very specific places
and want to have as much control over where it goes as possible. Has
anyone tried these (non cyanide) and know anything about the best
system, manufacturer etc? Many many thanks in advance.

I use the cyanide variety. I have a hypodermic needle jammed into a
felt tip (from a pen-plating set) and I clip that to my rectifier and
plate away. I do it also with rhodium plating.

Siobhan- Whether or not you use a brush plating system or immersion,
you will need to mask off the areas you don’t want your plating to
go to. We use nail polish.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
Jo Haemer