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Inside Ring Engravers

Can anyone gicve me some on inside ring engraving
machines? I have a line on a PepeTools new engraving machine, but
can find no source about this brand. Any help
appreciated. Please respond privately to my e-mail address and also
to the list if you wish, so that I do not have to wait the extra 1-2
day delay in posting messages.

Daniel J. Statman, Statman Designs

While I don’t know that it is positively the best inside ring
engraving machine available, I see a nice machine listed in the
catalog of A&A Jewelry Supply in Los Angeles for $575.00USD, although
I don’t know the brand… The design is similar to the New Hermes and
Vigor brands commonly sold. A&A also has the complete line of parts
and font wheels for this machine. HTH

Ricky Low, Engraver
Houston, Texas