Insect casting


We just completed our first successful insect casting, a dragonfly.

Here is the link yo our FB photo album.

Although the legs were cast, they weren’t beefed up enough to
withstand having the sprues removed. Well noted and adjustments will
be made for next time.

Also we didn’t vacuum the investment the second time, just poured
slowly around the model and then shook on the vacuum table. The last
insect we tried appeared to have imploded during the vacuuming, any
thoughts on that possibility?

Be Well,

Hello what I have done in my shop is : disasemble (where posible
each part of exoskeleton of the dry insect) and reasemble after
filling with wax the cavities (head, abdomen, tail etc) then
reuniting, then for the thinner parts I place some wax (blue or green
dentist modeling wax) rough on the bug and with electric pen I super
heat the tip and barely touching the bug make the superheated wax
replace the air that will come out (expanded by the heat), once all
parts are back in place and without any hollow parts I make sure the
outside of my bug is almost wax free, wings usually will need a layer
of wax underneath (for this I take appart wax and replace with
stikywax) then I sprue…and after a long burnout I cast

Done hundreds!
Paint with lacquered spue them up and cast them!
Easy and great detail.

No need to disassemble

Chip Stone
Stonecraft Jewelers

Any air trapped in the insect will cause it to implode / explode

Here is one I cast a while ago.

Some on casting insects.


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