Inquiries about Green gold (again)

I am interest in using 18k green gold. Stuller has a nice alloy with a hardness of 95 (compared to sterling’s 74). However ordering from them is impossible for me.

Their alloy includes 0.37% zinc. If I left that out and just upped the copper or silver by 0.37% would it effect the colour or hardness appreciably?

Why is ordering from Stuller impossible for you? Used to be you had to be a retailer with a state sales tax number, references, biz license etc. They now have Student and Craftsman accounts. Those accounts cannot buy finished jewelry or mountings but can buy tools and materials.
While experimenting with colored golds bear in mind that the colors look strongest when used along side with other colored golds and that a satin or soft finish shows the contrast the best.
Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Thanks I am mostly compiling a list of metal alloys right now and am interested in Alloys of green gold. I’m just starting and having something unique to my business should attract potential customers (hopefully) I will not use it however if I cannot find an alloy that is at least as hard as sterling silver and displays good green colour. Thanks for all the replies on my green gold questions by the way :slight_smile:

And to answer why I cannot order, I am a hobbyist in Canada and do not know of a jewellery to order through or how that would work given stuller is in the US

Stuller has an office up here in Toronto, :canada:

There are other suppliers of the green gold that you need!

Please go to:

I’m Gerry, On my iPhone!

Try United precious metals. Best material in the us. Any color u want.

Thanks everyone for the help and reccomendations. I will contact stuller in Toronto most likely. Thanks again everyone :slight_smile:

I have a formula for green gold if you want to alloy it yourself. It’s in my studio and I’ll be going there in the next couple days.

Esta Jo in Philadelphia

Yes! That would lovely thank you!

Hello! A few weeks ago, I posted a massive compilation of alloys that I have sought out. Go download it if you like!

Yes thank you. I looked ver your alloy list, I am specifically looking for a very green alloy of green gold sufficient hardness (if that’s even possible who knows?) thanks again for that alloy list.

That’s right! You were the one who I originally shared that with. Sorry for forgetting. Glad you enjoy it, though. I do believe Carrera Casting has mutiple green gold alloys. Perhaps they have what you’re looking for!

Thanks :slight_smile: