Ink Pen Nib

I am looking for information on how to make a dip pen or fountain pen nib out of precious metal. Any information is appreciated. Thanks…Rob

There are several fountain pen groups on facebook and many of the members are dealers and pen repair folks. Someone there may be able to help.
Generally speaking, nibs are die cut from springy metal and then swaged into their cylindrical or conical form. It’s really an industrial process. Most of the small production pen makers and hobbyists buy their nibs from large manufacturers.

I suggest copying a modern fountain pen, using spring metal, there is a ‘spring’ alloy of 14k available, using a bit of beryllium added to gold, usually used for money clips. Think I bought mine (20 years ado) from David Fell or might have been Stuller

Southeast pen turners association is large. A member with the last name of Mathesian dont quote the spelling. With Danish pronunciation it is Matt iease son. He knows where to send you for the information. Googling pen kitsch in England you will get a small company that makes their kits in house. My hubby turns pens for a hobby. I’ve thought about making the bits and pieces of metal parts for many years. It’s on my to do list.