INHORGENTA - Show in Munich


I went to Inhorgenta in Munich last year on a college trip. The
venue is vast, the organization is formidable, the people
are informative and friendly. There is a huge hall devoted to tools
and machinery… prices are good compared to the UK, but then that’s
almost always true! I seem to remember J Schmalz as having good
prices, friendly and informative sales people and some unusual items.

The design hall with its Design Podium was my favourite for viewing
work, with makers from all over Europe and Scandinavia. A huge
variety, fabulously and imaginatively displayed. There are also gems
galore in one hall, I think two halls of jewellery lines on a large
manufacturing scale and a hall of clocks and watches. The Platinum
Podium is like a five star hotel, complete with discreetly suited
security and that curiously low pitched buzz which denotes serious
commerce. I am sure I did not see everything.

The food available is good and not as expensive as is usual at trade
shows. The lighting in the halls is as usual the type that tires the
eyes and soul, however there are large outside spaces between the
halls where you can sit and absorb some daylight. I attended
Inhorgenta for a whole day and then a half before having to leave,
and was shattered. I will not be going this year as I have finals to
concentrate on. However if I manage to go next year I will try to go
to Inhorgenta in the morning of all four days in an effort to take in
everything of interest to me at the show without suffering from
overkill, and spend the afternoons in the city, which is wonderful.

So, I recommend that you get a multiple entry ticket, which will
probably include your travel on the tube stystem to and from the show
within Munich, and that you leave everything except a pencil and
wallet in the cloakroom at the beginning of your visits. Oh, and I
believe I heard that at the end of the last day there are good deals
to be done in the tool hall as some dealers are keen not to
re-package and ship back display items.

Enjoy. Regards, Jo McAllister