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Ingot Pouring

Yes Marjorie

If you weigh the metals and put them in the ingot on top of one
another and the hit it with the oxy. The copper will stay on the
bottom and the silver the next layer and gold on top they will mix
a little but can stay with distinct color layers and will come out
with layers if just poured. When rolled and then drawn to wire it
has a banded effect which is no good as it does not come up to
carat check. You have to be Dumb or plain Lazy to do it. It is the
reason most jewellery comes in a low carat it is not because the
gold was not there. It happens a lot in casting as they weigh the
metals then pour them in the crucible on top of one another then
just heat it. Quite often the silver is too hot and the copper
under is still not completely molten. If they are using electrical
wire that is drawn and harder than grans it takes longer to melt
and you see fine residue of wire in the spur. I always melt first
then add the zinc and agitate the crucible very well then let it
cool before I set up to cast this minimizes the chance of error.