Ingot mold "freeze block"?

Hey everyone!
I’m curious as to what everyone uses as a ‘freeze block’ when they’re pouring ingots in to a strip mold (I’m not sure if that’s the right terminology; but it’s the long ingot mold with grooves on it, not the kind that clamps together)?

For example, let’s say the strip mold has a 10 inch groove, but you only need an ingot that’s 4 inches long. What do you use to block the metal so it fills up the 4 inch section? I’ve used a tightly rolled up piece of paper towel soaked in oil, but this just seems…I don’t know…wrong? Plus it catches on fire :sweat_smile:


Hi @AurumArcanum

I have seen many jewellers use sanding paper as a blocker. It might smoke or catch fire but it should not burn like regular paper.


You can look for a nail that fits the groove. Cut off the head, shape the nail, put the nail in the groove and slide it to wherever. If the groove is more square than round, use a piece of square steel rod. I have used 1/4" square rod pieces and built an odd ingot shape with them on my anvil holding them in place with small magnets. Hans Meevis sells an adjustable ingot mold. Lots of options…Rob

Thanks for the options! I’ve got a 3 foot section of some random oil cooled steel (that I’ve used to make chasing tools) that I think I could pretty easily cut down to fit in at least a couple of the slots.

Also, holy cow I forgot about Hans Meevis! I remember seeing their products a good while ago, and knew I wanted them on my wish list. Better send out those late “what to get me for Christmas” letters! :rofl:

I use a piece of firebrick or soldering pad carved to fit the groove.

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