Information seek for JCK Story

Hi Friends in Orchid ,

Freelance writer Debbie Yonick here.

I attended JCK for Colored Stone Magazine to help track trends in
styles, colors and business. As I am writing up my notes for the
magazine, I thought I’d put out the word on Orchid for any additional
comments I could muster from exhibitors or buyers who are gem savvy
(and if I already interviewed you on this, no need to reply).

What are your thoughts on the size and depth of the show (shows) in

How did you find business atmosphere and attitudes to be?

What were some of the trends you spotted or were promoting in Vegas
this year as it pertains to colored

Any thoughts, a comment or two will do, to my email directly would
be most appreciated.

I have found Orchid to be a great source for feedback as a writer
and I appreciate your support and attention.


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