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Information on Equipment

Dear List Members:

Greetings from Sri Lanka and I wish all fellow members a
Successful 1998.

I need some help with regard to:

  1. Name & Address of any manufacturer/supplier of an Ultrasonic
    Drill Hole machine. Information on any other Machine, using
    different techniques, capable of drilling holes on beads would
    also be appreciated.

  2. Any machine capable of carving gooves, repeatedly and
    uniformly, on the pavilion on Ovals and Baguettes. If no such
    machine is available any ideas on how this can be accomplished
    will also help.

Please send reply to my private e-mail address:
<@intergem> If any one feels the is of
general interest please send reply to the Orchid Digest.

Any input/will be greatly appreciated.

Yath M Iqbal