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Information about wholesale price list

Another bench jeweler and myself are thinking about getting into the
wholesale account market in central North Carolina…Does anyone know
of a published wholesale price list for jewelry repair or have one
that they will be willing to share?We do have the published retail
repair price book, however, I don’t know how the prices were


Tom; We use David Geller’s price book in our store and find it
helps with both retail and wholesale pricing. 1.888.255.9848 or

Robert J. Shagy, G. G.

Tom, The ONLY price list for repairs of all kinds (detailed) and
more, is published by a fellow jeweler in Atl Ga. David Geller. He has
just updated it and is now traveling around the country, doing
seminars for bench jewelers and retail stores. Alan Revere, mentioned
him at one of his classes. I have the price book, and has helped me
raise my prices and charge consistently. Contact: DAVID
ATLANTA GA. 888 255 9848 404 252 9835 Fax…email

Hello all!

I have not reviewed Geller’s book. For that reason I wouldn’t think
being critical, except the minute you put a price in print it also
has a date. What is the economy of the area your in? What is the
level of expertise and the wages of the people in your shop? Many
more things to consider. One other big one is your competition. Work
with the market in your area as good, better, and best! If your work
is the best; charge a bit more! Especially if you carry a higher
overhead. Need I say more. Make a price list that you can live with
the prices. Don’t discount from it. Don’t hide it under the counter
either. It is a tool. It is designed to help you and your staff make
money. Use it on the counter for good clarification between
salespeople and clients. If it is outdated, read on.

Once you have decided to charge your own prices according to the
factors present in your area, here is my suggestion. Jewelers of
America (JA) has always made available through the national
affiliation of local chapters, (Our local chapter is PNJA, Pacific
Northwest Jewelers Association) a price list that is comprehensive
and detailed, except for one thing. There are no prices entered!
There purpose is to give an organized detailed list with every
imaginable jewelry repair on the list. It is then up to the business
owner to fill in the prices!

This price list is not perfect, but darn close to it! It has a
numbering system. The last itemized entry is #288 (under - JUMP
RINGS) 14k gold 8mm. Each task is numbered along with a description
of the job. When I did work for stores I asked the salespeople to use
the wording from the price list whenever possible, and to use the
numbers for clarity. Some salespeople in their quest for clarity, get
to wordy and actually make a straightforward job sound complicated.
Keep it simple!

Get a price list or two from your area, or from another area like
yours. Compare prices with what you are now charging. Ask JA or your
local chapter for a master price list. Price your list as you see
fit. Hope it helps!


In fact, David Gellers book was most recently updated at the
beginning of the year. This years prices, as I understand, only
reflect the difference that the price of platinum will make having
risen to and seemingly stabilized at over $600/oz.

David arrived at these prices by by accounting for jewelers time,
materials and allowing for the associated overhead. If you decide to
get his tapes, or attend his lectures, you may pick up on the fact
that he nearly went out of business trying to “ompete” with the other
guys. Today, he competes through quality and service. His area is
Atlanta, and certainly, you can make adjustments to account for your
particular demographics.

David assembled a lot of through running his business and
although he charges for it, I suspect that these prices do reflect
again his costs of doing business, but in my case, the dollars that I
have spent have been well spent.