Info on Insurance

Does anyone know the easiest and cheapest way to cover inventory
with insurance. I do not have a retail location…only do shows
and galleries. Any info would be appreciated.


Joe Kilpatrick
Expressions With Metal

When I asked that question, the insurance agent could not stop
laughing. He said, “Your annual income will cover the first
month’s premium”

Bill in Vista

Joe, I have done some checking into insurance and have found none
that will insure inventory at its finished value. The companies
I have talked with will, at best, only insure for the cost of the
raw materials. If you find otherwise, please let me know. - Deb

It’s been some years, since I saw it, but you used to be able to
get a craftsmans insurance policy through American Crafts
Council, that was intended to insure things like your workshop
tools, your inventory out in shows or still in your shop, and
customer goods in your posession for work or repair. It wasn’t
cheap, and you had to buy the whole package, for your total
shop’s value and total inventory plus maximum value of variables
like the customer goods. And there’s a very hefty deductable,
plus mysterious dissappearance was not covered. Neither was
damage due to accident, such as you breaking Mrs. Jones emerald
in setting. Was mostly theft/fire insurance. I was looking for
coverage in the 20-50 K range at the time, and was being quoted
premiums of about 2K a year. More than I could afford at the
time. But you might ask over on alt.crafts.professional to see
if anyone remembers such a company. I’m sure they must still be
out there…


Check art calendar magazine for art insurance co.s. Chubb
insurance covers jewelry owned by collectors. For health
insurance, you need to join a group, such as a prof. association
or “club” type organization. I called a national health ins.
org. cold and got a quote…then went through a local artists
coaltion to same company, and the quote was $200.00 lower!
These things can be found, but not at your local insurace guy who
takes care of your house and car.


There is a company that will insure your products from the time
they are set up at a show until they are taken down. They will
also insure at other times, but the rates start at $500 and go
up, up, up. We have found that as long as our products are in
our shop or automobile they are covered by our homeowners and
auto insurance. At the shows we are on our own. So far we have
checked into the show coverage, but have chosen to remove our
products each night and let our personal insurance coverage kick
in. Let me know if any of you want the info on the company
mentioned above. jb

J. Byers

The only ones that I know of (and know nothing about) are:

Connell Insurors 1-800-356-8140 offer $1,000,000 Liability on any
one loss annual prem $500 + covers while at a show or in
transit/$250 ded per loss


K & K Insurance 1-800-553-8368 CA #0334819
Offers competitive rates and short term coverage if wanted

Hope this helps. I do not have coverage with either and really
do not know anything about them. If anyone is covered by either
or decides to be would welcome additional info. Thanks jb

J. Byers