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Info on Dixon 70mm rolling mill

Hi! I just purchased a 70mm Dixon brand rolling mill in very nice
shape with stand. Works nicely, virtually rust free, very well cared
for. I searched the net, but found little. Can you give me some info
on the maker, parts, price, etc?

Thank you,
Donna Urey

Dear Donna,

The original Dixon brand was primarily silver smithing and jewelry
making tools. At one time if you wanted a hammering stake or
planishiung tool it came from Dixon. They were old too, as far as I
know perhaps 100 years or so.

They went from selling direct to selling through distributors. I
don’t know if there is any real Dixon stuff left or not.

In its day Dixon was one of the best brands you could buy. If you
have a mill that still works it is a testament to their quality. If
you find any old Dixon forming stakes or hammers that are all rusted
up, refinish them and they will be as good as new.


Todd Hawkinson
Southeast Technical College