Info on diamond

Well, I’m certainly no expert on diamonds. In fact, I don’t know
much about any So is it possible for anyone to give me
some idea of the value of the following stone - it’s a diamond from
an engagement ring.

The following came from a GIA Gem Trade Laboratory
report but there was no value listed with it so I don’t know whether
what I have is valuable or not. Here’s the info as it appeared on
the sheet none of which I understand:

Shape and Cutting Style: Round Brilliant, Measurements: 6.64-6.78 x
4.21 MM, Weight: 1.1 carats; Proportions: Depth 62.7%, Table 58%,
Girdle Medium to thick faceted; Culet very small; Finish: Polish:
Good; Symmetry: Good, Clarity: VS 2; Color Grade; D; Fluorescence:

According to the write up, this description was based on 10X
magnification (fully corrected triplet loupe and binocular
microscope), diamondlite and master color comparison diamonds,
ultraviolet lamps, millimeter gauge, carat balance, proportionscope
and ancillary instruments as necessary.

There appear to be a couple of feather inclusions (very small).
There is a drawing of a round stone with a small line on it and a
couple of dots near the edges.

I know I’m asking a lot - but since I now have this diamond, I’d
kinda like to know just a rough idea of what value I have in my
hands. Despite the fact that the above was from a
diamond grading report, I have no idea at all what it means. I’ll
probably sell the stone and it would help if I had some idea as to
what I might get.

Even though I’d like to know, I will understand if no one wants to
venture a value inasmuch as you can’t see the stone. It looks
beautiful to me, but that doesn’t mean a thing. I’m totally
clueless. Thanks.

Kay, entering the basic D, VS2, 1.0 carats in gives a price in the range of
$11,000 USD.


there was no value listed with it so I don't know whether what I
have is valuable or not. 

Well, Kay, obviously a diamond can’t be valued sight-unseen. I won’t
go on and on about the online diamond vendors here…

July Rapaport on a D/VS2 1 carat is $12,000/ct., which I’ll hastily
point out doesn’t mean that much. That would make your stone
$13,200, full retail. My suspicion is that your stone has been
recut, probably from a chipped diamond. The diameter is “lumpy”, the
girdle is fat and uneven, typically the culet should be “none”, and
the depth is too high, all of which adds up to a recut. That doesn’t
really matter, necessarily, it’s just good to assess the stone.
Finish and polish being only good - not excellent - means it’s of an
average make, most likely. It’s all about how it faces up, which we
can’t see, here.

How much the stone is actually worth is all about how much someone
will pay you for it, as always. A D/VS stone of fine make, over a
carat, could even bring MORE than Rap in the right venue. The same
stone of a mediocre cut could go for 10% under. That’s if you were
to buy it. I would hope to get maybe 70%, selling it, (30 back) if
it faces up well. That would make your stone worth $9240. Any deal
you make is to be negotiated. Don’t take this as a valuation or an
appraisal. I’m just playing with the numbers - where it leads to is
up to you. Don’t sell it for $5K, though.


Those who work with diamonds regularly enough probably can give you
an off the cuff pricing on your stone without checking industry
pricing sources. You, however, can do much the same by either using
Stuller’s diamond search feature, if you have an account, or the
diamond search feature at
In both cases you can punch in most of the info you have posted and
then get a list of stones & prices they have available with those
characteristics. In my experience BlueNile and Stuller’s wholesale
prices are pretty much a dead heat. Other vendors I use float up or
down a bit.

The point is, though, with the GIA cert info you have it is an easy
matter to compare your stone to others currently being offered for
sale and get an idea of value.

Les Brown

This diamond is worth a lot more than it was just 6 months ago. A
quick search in a diamond database that I use shows that the
WHOLESALE cost to a jeweler starts at $10,000 per carat and goes up
some from there. A retail jeweler is likely to add $800 to $2000 per
carat to their cost. So a total retail of $11,800 to $14,000 is a
good APPROXIMATE retail cost if you were to buy that diamond from a
retail outlet. If you were to sell it to a retail jeweler or a
diamond wholesaler expect to get less. I’m a buyer at $9000 for the
stone. I would probably pay to have a diamond cutter repolish it to
improve polish and symmetry and then back to GIA for a new report…
If you shop it around you might get more depending on their need and
cash flow.

Best of luck.


Thanks for your It certainly gives me lots to think
about. Before I put this question out on Orchid, I absolutely knew
nothing about diamonds, but in the process I am beginning to learn
bit by bit more about diamonds in general and definitely more about
how they are priced and graded. It has been incredibly helpful to me
to have those of you who are knowledgable about diamonds help me
understand what I have. Thanks ever so much for your