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[Info needed] Statistical of Jewelry Industry

Hello Friends, I want to know details of number of jewelers (
Retailers, Wholesalers and Manufacturers ) around the world. Can
anybody tell me where I can get this Most of the
associations have their own websites but they provide only their
members list. Is there any organization/ association/web site where I
will get this statistical

Thanks & Regards

Gopal Mahajan

You can try the stats section on the professional jeweler website.
They get data from the Census.

You can also try and do a search from jewelry statistics.
Also check out professional jewelers Guide to Industry Web Sites link.
I hope this helps and also these should lead to links with more
than you need.

Good Luck,
Guy Payton…

As far as I know, there is no one single source for statistical info
for the jewelry industry. (Boy, I wish there were! It would make my
job considerably easier.) You’ll need to go country-by-country, and
you’ll doubtless find the quality of the statistical information
available varies widely. Industrialized countries usually collect the
most data, and are most likely to have it available on the Internet.
Data from developing nations is frequently sketchy or nonexistent. In
addition, language barriers can be problem: For example, I suspect
Taiwan has some decent statistics, but their website is in Chinese, so
I can’t be sure.

Your best bet is to contact the appropriate associations in the
respective companies and ask them for guidance. Many will, as you
note, only have their member lists, but most will have a reasonable
idea of the size of the industry in their country. You’ll have to ask,

In the United States, MJSA publishes an annual white paper on the
state of the industry in the United States, which may be of help. It’s
downloadable in PDF format at MJSA’s website at (Click on “industry research”.)

The U.S. Census Bureau also offers statistics of this nature. Try
their website at

I’d also try to narrow your search: instead of seeking worldwide
select a few target countries and start there. Although
laudable, a worldwide overview will certainly entail weeks and weeks
of intensive research, and may even be impossible.

Can you give us a better idea of why you’re seeking this info?
Perhaps I can help you further if you can narrow your search criteria.