Inexpensive refining


I have a bunch of silver scrap and some gold scrap that I’d like to
get refined. It seems like if I get it refined at places like Hoover
& Strong, I’ll end up having to pay so much for the service I won’t
get any money back. So, does anyone know of a secure, reliable place
that I can send my scrap to that isn’t so expensive?


I’ve used Hauser & Miller several times and have always gotten a
good return. You can even request free shipping supplies from them
to pack up your scrap (


I don’t know why you are under the impression that Hoover and Strong
is expensive for refining. We send stuff into them all the time and
their charges are more than reasonable. Actually, we have used a
number of refiners over the years and they have consistently proven
to be the most accurate (read honest!!!) and reasonably priced of
them all. The only thing we don’t send into them is our floor sweeps
and that is only because it would be too expensive to ship it all
down there.

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I use Midwest Refineries - they are very reasonable especially for
small lots because their only charge is a 4% fee. When it’s a very
small lot - once you figure the assay fee plus the percentage taken
it can get relatively steep.

Their info is:

and of course, -I have no connection to them other than being a
satisfied customer.


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