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Inexpensive commercial bench


Finally opening a studio outside my home and am going to treat
myself to a commercial bench. Yes, I know I can make it myself and
have done that before but decided that I don’t want to procrastinate
any more than I must. Have made my last 2 benches and they were
sorely lacking.

So, I am seeking an inexpensive bench. I would appreciate advice
about what features to look for, what to avoid, and the best place
to buy.


Esta Jo Schifter
Shifting Metal
Phila PA

I would appreciate advice about what features to look for, what to
avoid, and the best place to buy. 

Features are in the eye of the user. Rio Grande has always had nice
benches. Since I’m near to Otto Frei, and also have their
top-of-the-line bench, I have to give them a plug. They have a whole
range of sizes and prices, and they’re all really nice benches.
Everybody who sells tools has benches, I guess, but I wouldn’t look
any farther than Frei or Rio - great benches for good prices, built
to last…

I would appreciate advice about what features to look for, what to
avoid, and the best place to buy. 

If you’re located anywhere near Los Angeles check out Progress
Machine & Tool’s bench selection. Nice, helpful people. It may even
be cost-effective to have some of their benches shipped. Some are
shown here:

As for features to look for: arm rests, lots of drawers, a lap pan,
sturdy construction, mandrel holes, etc.

Rick Martin

I have been working at a bench 20+ years and in Oct our store moved
into a new building. For the first time in my life, I got a brand
new bench -thank you Beth. It is the $365 model from Progress tools
and I love it. Especially the double aluminum lined lap trays. It is
heavy enough that we didn’t have to block it to keep it in place
since it does not sit against a wall, enough drawers that I still
find myself searching for where did I put that, the metal plate under
the soldering pad so that I don’t have to check for scorch marks when
melting stock. Progress tools was in California and we are in Pa and
even with the shipping it was an excellent bang for the buck.


-You may find that looking into a auctioneer or Merchant
Fixtures/display store will accomadate your needs- I have purchased
both a watchmakers bench and jewelers bench from a local display
retailer/wholesaler at a distinct savings over Otto or Rio.

-Yes- the benches were used- But not oppressively beat up. As well
these locations usually sell older safes and security cases. I
purchased a safe which met (actually exceeded) my insurance
requirements and was able to get it for a lower cost than from the
retail locksmith.

-The Auctioneers I have encountered that deal in store liquidation
of retail fixtures maintain a business reference and will alert you
if they come across something that suits your business.

Along with the thread in Orchid about the “Economy” and tightening
our collective belts- this may as well be a thought to use the local
auctioneer. Now with alot of bigger stores shutting down- bargains
can be found if you have the right approach!

My 2 cents- be safe and Happy Harvest Feast and Thanksgiving to
everyone, everywhere!

Duncan- The Silver Forge Studio