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Inés Bonadeo
Inés Bonadeo Jewelry
Buenos Aires, Argentina

I've been exploring volume-to-wear since 2010 and learning abut shapes, materiales and techiniques until I decided jewelry was the field to work in. My inspiration comes from dynamic shapes from nature versus pure Geometry.

The spirit of the brand is trendy but singular, aimed at clients that are dinamyc and love edgy details. People that use jewelry as statements of a way of living or being. The main premise is: true craftmanship and care for details. The way we work: exploration of different techniques and combination of materials. The result: unique objects that embellish those who dare use them.

Materials: 925 Silver & Amethysts Dimensions: 20 * 22 * 1 cm.

This necklace is inspired in beauty born from nature. It alludes to a never-ending process of a seed that turns into a beautiful indefinite specie.

Photo credit: Esteban Pochintestaés-Bonadeo/SURREAL%20orchid-01.jpg


sterling silver and yellow onyx


nickel silver and bronze


nickel silver