Inert environment in kiln

Mr.Binnion you are correct about the oven in essence being hydrogen
and nitrogen.

I for time sake didn’t expand my last comment. The atmosphere is
generated by flowing ammonia vapor through a heating retort at 1750F
or lower depending on the metal producing a protective atmosphere
composed of 75% hydrogen and 25% nitrogen.The working factor here is
the gasses dissassociating oxygen from the atmoshpere inside furnace
and being vented through a iconel muffle.No oxygen,no firescale or

I would say that dealing with the changing of the ammonia tanks is
dangerous and you could dry clean your lungs or lose your sight or
even burn your skin. So a protective plan of procedure and protective
gear has to be in place to eliminate risk.

I would say my biggest problem with ammonia is the whole security of
it.I basically have a huge welded cage with specialty locks and also
a motion detector in the cage.You see it is a key component in the
manufacture of meth.I worry more about the ammonia and fittings being
stolen rather than the all the metal and such in our vault.It’s a
ongoing game here because one day they will drill out a lock,then 6
months later they will try to cut there way in,etc. They are
relentless in there effort and each time I keep stepping up a
notch,because nothing is invincible and its relatively about slowing
them down till the police can arrive.I think I am gonna get some
razorblade wire next and maybe a pack of wild wolves to hold them at
bay for a couple of more minutes.

Daniel Wade